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Moms of multiples

Our Physiotherapist is, herself, a Mom of twins. There is special care that needs to be taken during a multiple pregnancy and there is no one who gets this better than another Mom of Multiples (MoM). The most important thing during this time is to do whatever you can to keep those babies growing inside you for as long as you can. Physiotherapy can help you do this as comfortably as possible.

The toll that carrying more than one baby takes on your body is huge. You need to be strong to be able to keep up with the weight that you're gaining during pregnancy. You also need to be strong to be able to birth your multiples! You also need to be strong to be able to carry two babies, their carseats, a giant diaper bag, etc...Optimizing your physical strength now will help you tremendously when your babies finally arrive. Because carrying two or more is so much more taxing that carrying one, there's often more pain or discomfort to treat as well.

If you've been put on bed rest but still want information on pain management, exercises and birth preparation, we offer in-home consultations. This service becomes attractive again after your babies arrive but find it difficult to get everyone out to the clinic for appointments. Check out our in-home consultation page for more information. Or head straight to our contact page to request an appointment.