We want you to feel empowered to make the changes that will result in a better life for you and your family. Your treatment will consist of the most appropriate combination of education, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, acupuncture and electrophysical modalities.


Prenatal Physiotherapy

You are doing an incredible thing - growing a human being! The rapid changes to your body can result in some physical symptoms that limit how comfortably you can move. Staying active during pregnancy is key for keeping you and baby healthy but what if movement is hard because of how your body is feeling? Learn More →


Postpartum Physiotherapy

Childbirth and the postpartum period are physically demanding for a woman’s body. Although the female body is designed perfectly to undergo these incredible changes, sometimes the process doesn’t go perfectly smooth.  Learn More →


Moms of Multiples


Women's Health Physiotherapy

Are you pregnant with multiples? Or have you had multiples? This is a very unique situation that stresses the body in a way that a singleton pregnancy does not. Taking special care during this time is crucial to protect the health of your body and your two or more babies. Learn More →


It's not just pregnant women and new moms who experience pelvic dysfunction. Women across the life spectrum can benefit from restoring optimum function to their bodies. For example, hormonal changes that occur around menopause often alter how the pelvic floor is functioning. As another example, girls and young women involved in sports such as gymnastics or cross fit can unintentionally lose urine during heavy jumping or lifting activities.

The pelvis can also be injured just like any other part of the body. If you're having problems after an injury - or if you'd like "pelvic floor and core informed" Physiotherapy for any other body part - Bounce Back Physical Therapy can help.

Do you have any other pelvic health concerns? We can also help with conditions such as hernias, abdominal scar tissue after surgery, painful intercourse and tailbone pain. If you’re unsure if your condition can be treated, contact us and the Physiotherapist can tell you if it’s appropriate for you.


Other Services

In addition to Pelvic Physiotherapy, we also offer:

  • Ultrasound Therapy for clogged milk ducts

  • Physiotherapy for any other part of the body

  • Birth preparation sessions

  • Public Workshops and Presentations


In Home Consultations

Sorry for the inconvenience but we currently do not have a Therapist offering in home appointments.

We get it. It can be hard to get out of the house when you're juggling little people and their schedules. Or maybe childcare or transportation are difficult for you to arrange. We can schedule your assessment and/or treatment sessions to be done in the comfort of your own home.  Learn More →


Can my pelvic floor really recover?

Yes! The pelvic floor has a big job! It's responsible for:

Supporting all of your pelvic contents from the bottom

Closing the openings within it to prevent urinary and fecal leakage.

Allowing for intercourse and sexual pleasure.

Opening and stretching to allow the passage of a full term baby.

Then literally bouncing back into action – performing once again the functions above.