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Pine Integrated Health Centre

It's never too late to Bounce Back! 

You can be free from pelvic floor dysfunction. You can regain your pelvic health.

Your body was designed to work perfectly: to be in full control of your bladder, to keep your organs in their correct positions and to be pain free. Whether or not you've had children, whether your deliveries were vaginal or surgical, whether you've been struggling for a few weeks or for several years - your body can return to its perfect, healthy and functional state. Pelvic Physiotherapy can help you get there.

Physiotherapy is first line treatment for:

  • Incontinence (leakage)

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

  • Chronic Pelvic Pain

  • Diastasic Recti

  • Post Abdominal or Pelvic Surgery

  • Chronic Constipation

  • Sexual Pain

  • Birth Preparation