New Patients

Pelvic Physiotherapy is a specialty practice area provided by practitioners who have taken post-graduate education to be able to assess conditions of the low back, sacrum, coccyx (tailbone), pelvis, core and pelvic floor through external and internal techniques.


In your assessment you can expect to...

Have a private 60 minute appointment with a pelvic Physical Therapist to:
Thoroughly discuss your history
Have a whole-body assessment - including a brief internal exam (if consented to)
Begin treatment – including education, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, acupuncture and electrophysical modalities, as appropriate
Ask questions and discuss follow up treatment
Follow up treatment is provided in one-on-one private sessions booked in 30 minute appointment times
Please come dressed to move for all of your appointments.
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My post baby check up with Jill was fantastic! She helped give me confidence about my body's recovery, and she's extremely knowledgeable about pelvic health! I recommend an appointment for anyone with questions or concerns after labour and delivery
- Melissa Bennett


Interesting Facts

Only 1/4 of Canadians who have pelvic floor dysfunction have consulted a health care professional

It is estimated that incontinence affects 1/3 of all women worldwide

It is estimated that pelvic organ prolapse affects 1/2 of all women worldwide

It is estimated that pelvic girdle pain affects 3/4 of all women pregnant women