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Have you had a baby? Congratulations!

It doesn’t matter if your baby is 6 weeks old or 26 years old, you can always improve the function of your pelvic floor if you’re having difficulties.

Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh? Have you returned to exercise but are leaking or having pain when you run, jump or do other activities?

Do you have a diastasis rectus abdominus (abdominal separation)? Did you have perineal tearing or an episiotomy during birth? Do you have a feeling of heaviness at the opening of your vagina? Do you have pelvic or low back pain? Are you experiencing painful intercourse?

Do you want advice on how to return to exercise? Do you plan on having more children and want advice on how to prevent anything listed above? Is there anything else going on that you’d like help with?

As long as you’ve been cleared by your Doctor at your 6 week checkup, you can book your assessment today.